Episode 238

Published on:

14th Feb 2023

238 | Teams, Scaling and Simplifying your Business with Brittany Miller (Community Coaching Episode!)

In today's community coaching episode, Ava is joined by Brittany Miller to go DEEP in the behind the scenes of hiring team members, simplifying the back end of your business, who to prioritize when hiring first, how to budget and how Ava sees investments in the business.

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About Brittany:

Brittany Miller is the CEO of a boutique social media consulting, mentorship and management business for heart-centered business owners, personal brands, and service providers called Brittany Miller Biz. 

She has supported over 50+ clients internationally to become visible on social media, amplify their message, and create captivating content aligned with their brand voice & values. Her signature group coaching program The Soulful Content Collective, incorporates a mixture of social media strategy, mindset and breathwork to help business owners show up as their beautiful authentic selves online.

To learn more about Brittany, you can check out her website at BrittanyMiller.Biz or follower her on Instagram @BrittanyMiller.biz


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