Episode 266

Published on:

29th Aug 2023

266 | Unearthing Inner Magic: Sarah Elora on Healing & Finding Safety Within Yourself

Today’s guest is someone who has reminded me of the magic of leading from your heart, connecting to something greater and trusting in yourself. Introducing Sarah Elora, the visionary Founder of The Elora Empress, a divine sanctuary where cellular activation and the guidance of celestial design intertwine. As a mentor of enlightened illumination, Sarah's mission is to empower women to ignite their inner spark and unleash their highest potential. At the heart of her work lies a transformative signature program, immersing the beautiful souls in an intuitive journey that leads to the unlocking of their true power and greatness. The modalities utilized in Sarah's mentorship go beyond the traditional coaching realm, delving deep into the cellular level to understand our physical being and its impact on our lives. 

It's truly an honor to have this conversation be one of the last on The Alchemized Life podcast. In this conversation you’ll hear about the near death experience that led Sarah to understand and connect with her true purpose on earth, and the wisdom she’s gained through the trauma and suffering in her life. She’s not only an example of strength and resilience, but of the beauty and magic of carving your own path, being a service to others, and leading from the heart.

She understands that the way we can truly impact the world is through recognizing the light within us, and is a perfect example of how doing the work to heal and loving yourself can have ripple effects through the entire world. I adore Sarah, am so excited to share this conversation with you and hope it feels like a big hug.

In a world where it's hustle and bustle and just big achievements and big goals, we forget that we really just need to slow down and listen and breathe. Those micro breaths, that micro moment, that's how we come home to self.  - Sarah Elora

What we talk about:

  • How Sarah has navigated her own trauma
  • Getting her start in the holistic healing coaching space 
  • Sarah’s near death experience
  • Healing childhood trauma in the body
  • How to address suffering in order to ascend
  • The link between disease and trauma
  • Insights from the Aquarian full moon
  • Recognizing what’s authentic to you & leading with your heart
  • Learning to soften the mind & understand the ego
  • Ava’s practice of coming home to self following her divorce
  • Exploring patterns and attachments
  • The number 1 takeaway from her work with clients

I believe that love is being in service and in action to each other, and when we are in service to each other, we're in service to all of humanity. But all of that starts with coming home to self. All of it starts with doing the work and healing our hearts, our whole self, our souls.  - Sarah Elora

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