Episode 268

Published on:

12th Sep 2023

268 | Unlock The Power Within You with Emma Dunwoody + Transformational Human Design™

Today’s conversation is so freaking good. Emma Dunwoody is with us, and her story is just so inspiring; from her struggle with mental health and depression, to her journey with meditation + neuroscience, and finally discovering her purpose within Human Design.

Emma Dunwoody is a qualified Master Coach and Human Behavioral Specialist who wakes people up to the power within them using her unique method of Transformational Human Design(TM), a system of self-knowledge and guidance unlike anything else that exists. Her vision is to take Human Design mainstream so it becomes more widely accepted than any other global profiling, behavioral or healing system — she believes it will transform personal development, education, and business forever. Emma wants to inspire everyone to unlock their inner wisdom, take their power back and feel deeply confident in the decisions they make. This will create a population that values themselves and courageously lives their truth, which will deliver us to a new paradigm of peace, joy, and abundance.

So all we have to do is run our experiment, be in alignment with our design, and then all of a sudden we get permission to really step into our greatness, to be who we're here to be, and imagine a world that we're all doing that Imagine a world where we're all just stepping into our greatness. - Emma Dunwoody

What we talk about:

  • How Emma discovered + mastered her true calling through Transformational Human Design
  • Tapping into your strategy, authority, gates, and core wounds to unlock your potential
  • Using your human design to grow + expand your business
  • Breaking the cycle of anxiety and depression using these tools

Because at the end of the day, what we focus on is what we get. That's the way our brain works. It's how our energy works. We have to master our focus. Breathwork Meditation. Why do you think they're so powerful? Because it's helping us master our focus. And what transformation of human design does. - Emma Dunwoody

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