Episode 255

Published on:

13th Jun 2023

255 | Grow Into Your Purpose: Deprogramming Perfectionism & Embracing Self-Acceptance

Megan Shekleton is the founder of Wider Visions, a certified holistic life coach and the host of the podcast, Embrace Your In Between. The Wider Visions platform is a place where you get to grow into your purpose with coaching courses and a community, and expand into who you'd like to be and the life you'd like to live. Megan was a part of the Academy of Breath several years ago, and so she’s sharing her experience inside of AOB and how it has impacted her life and business in this conversation!

Mine and Megan's conversation today is so juicy, fulfilling and nourishing as we explore what it looks like to live truly on purpose, and how finding your purpose relies on how well you can connect with yourself. This conversation is less about purpose from a career perspective and more about living out your purpose in every single aspect of your life. We talk about how when we can actually expand and stretch our definition of what purpose is, you'll come to find it's much easier to align with your purpose than we give ourselves credit for. Enjoy this conversation with Megan!

Really your purpose is that expression of your fullest bloom, your fullest self, and meditation and breathwork can be a source to help you meet that part of you. - Megan Shekleton

What I talk about:

  • How toxic work environments & being a perfectionist/overachiever impacts your nervous system
  • Building confidence in your own intuition
  • Outsourcing self-worth and confidence vs cultivating it internally
  • Megan’s entrepreneurial journey 
  • Means vs ends goals
  • Having a healthy detachment to your goals
  • How to get clarity on what we want from our lives 
  • Co-creating with yourself and the universe
  • How breathwork allows us to understand ourselves on a deeper level
  • Tools for handling anxiety and stress with compassion
  • What it truly looks like to live life on purpose
  • A Course of Miracles: acim.org

When people start to be curious about their purpose, why it's so important is that it really truly becomes this self-acceptance, self-love journey. I think that part of that journey of discovering your purpose is about how can I love and embrace myself more? - Megan Shekleton

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