Episode 264

Published on:

15th Aug 2023

264 | From Corporate Burnout To Thriving In Your 9 To 5 With Sophie Vaessen

Today’s conversation is with AOB alum, Sophie Vaessen. Sophie, who is based in Berlin, Germany, helps employees & leaders create more confidence & well-being in their career through mindset & breath work. As someone who struggled with overwhelm and anxiety while working in a corporate setting, I intimately know how having breathwork as a tool would have made all the difference in my experience. It is so freaking important to not just keep these practices in the world of wellness or spirituality, but to extend the reach of mindfulness practices, like breathwork and meditation, into spaces that really desperately need practices to support becoming more present, releasing the overwhelm of stress, and feeling more connected. 

The reality is not everyone is built to be an entrepreneur. Not everybody wants to be an entrepreneur. There are plenty of positions and careers and life paths that don't include working for yourself. My goal and my intention bringing Sophie on the podcast is to show that there is a way to bring fulfillment into those spaces. In this conversation we talk about what inspired Sophie to bring breathwork into corporate spaces, the results she’s seen with her clients and her tip for easily incorporating mindfulness into your morning routine.

People don't give themselves the space to ask themselves, 'what do I need in this moment?' A short breath work practice, a short meditation practice or even just sitting in the sun and taking a few conscious breaths is just so helpful because it sets you up for what is coming next. - Sophie Vaessen

What we talk about:

  • How to easily fit mindfulness into a morning routine
  • Recognizing how breathwork helps you respond versus react
  • Benefits of bringing breathwork and meditation into the corporate space
  • Why Sophie was attracted to AOB
  • Sophie’s top takeaways from and favorite parts of AOB

When you're talking about the workspace, the body probably doesn't need that extra cup of coffee, right? The body probably needs a break. And it's only when we listen that we will know. I think many times we can give that to ourselves without relying on external substances. - Sophie Vaessen

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