Episode 263

Published on:

8th Aug 2023

263 | Real Talk On Transitioning to Motherhood with Big Kid Problems’ Sarah Merrill Hall

If you’re a female entrepreneur who has been a little weary of entering motherhood because of how it will change your life and business… me too. That’s why I’m so excited to have Sarah Merrill, the voice behind Big Kid Problems & Bottle Service podcasts, on the show sharing her experience transitioning into motherhood and balancing being creative, being successful, and pivoting your business through the portal of becoming a mother. 

Sarah grew an audience of over half a million Instagram followers by bringing humor and relatable content to everyday struggles. With a mission to help her followers embrace their imperfections, laugh through the hard times, and live their best kid lives, Sarah has turned Big Kid Problems into a relatable and infectious brand. But her adulting content took a turn when Sarah became a new mom! Enter the next era of Big Kid Problems: Bottle Service, a new kind of pregnancy and motherhood podcast. From recounting her ultimate C-section recovery guide to being open about her “failing” her breastfeeding journey, Bottle Service by Big Kid Problems is here to open up a new motherhood conversation. 

In this conversation, Sarah shares her advice for how to navigate this new season, especially if you’re someone who is really invested in your career and find it hard to imagine what this new normal will bring. She gives insight on how to communicate your needs with your partner before and after pregnancy, mindset shifts that were helpful for her in the hard times, and what she’d tell her pre-baby self now. 

One thing that postpartum, going through this crazy period has taught me is that in any period in life, there are really good things, too. You have to look for the things that you're grateful for. - Sarah Merrill Hall

What we talk about:

  • How Big Kid Problems came to be
  • Navigating transitional times in your life 
  • The shift from posting anonymously to embracing her brand
  • How Sarah connects to her creativity
  • How becoming a mother has changed her business
  • Taking time for self-care 
  • Advice for entrepreneurs who are nervous about entering motherhood
  • Communicating about the support you need with your partner
  • The biggest surprises postpartum: recovery, lifestyle adjustments and isolation
  • The thoughts and emotions that came up for Sarah after birth
  • Advice she would give to her pre-baby self

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"One thing I do want to say and I think this isn't just for motherhood, but in general in life, is nothing has to look a certain way. - Sarah Merrill Hall


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