Episode 252

Published on:

23rd May 2023

252 | The Power Of Play, Sacred Sexuality & Emotional Alchemy with Emily Fletcher

Emily Fletcher is back for her second appearance on the Alchemized Life podcast! Emily is the founder of Ziva meditation and has taught the Ziva Technique to over 40,000 people. She is one of my biggest inspirations and greatest mentors in the meditation space. I deeply respect her work and have been so inspired by the work that she's done over the past decade plus. Her new podcast, Why Isn’t Everyone Doing This? is out now!

I absolutely love this conversation with Emily. We talked all about sacred sexuality, the exploration of emotional alchemy, and how orgasms and pleasure are a portal into manifesting and creating a life beyond your wildest dreams. We talk about the democratization of God and how our planet is really shifting into being more welcoming and open to meditation and breathwork. We also get the details of her 3-day darkness retreat and what came up for her, and a preview of what you can expect from her new podcast. 

I really resonate with Emily as far as her mission to make sexuality, pleasure and meditation accessible to the masses and really provide these tools to the masses in a very palatable way. Check out her free masterclass and her new podcast if you enjoyed this conversation for more information and teachings from Emily!

“What I wanna help facilitate is the democratization of God, to remind everyone that they can plug directly into the divine through their own heads, hearts, and hoohas.” - Emily Fletcher

What we talk about:

  • The integration of divine feminine and divine masculine
  • Emily’s personal transformation and awakening in the last couple of years
  • Read: Pussy: A Reclamation by Regena Thomashauer
  • The democratization of God
  • Accessibility of meditation, breathwork, and other healing tools
  • Sacred sexuality: the link between manifestation and feeling pleasure
  • Emily’s experience at Sky Cave Retreats
  • What you can expect from Emily’s new podcast, Why Isn’t Everyone Doing This?

“Turns out the orgasm is actually extraordinarily good for your immune system, for your body age, for neuroplasticity, for your endocrine levels, for your hormone regulation. It's basically like an elixir of life. It's a powerful internal pharmacy and that's to say nothing of the more woowoo concepts around it that you could actually use your creation energy to manifest.” - Emily Fletcher

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