Episode 246

Published on:

11th Apr 2023

246 | The Art of Being Financially Fearless: Insights from Money Medium Lou Clarke

Do you want to have a healthier relationship with and better energy around money? Today’s guest, Lou Clarke, has been an entrepreneur and business owner for over 20 years, and helps her clients increase their income, credit scores, and find money in their everyday lives. Most of all, Lou’s mission is to continue to help women become confident with their money habits and ability to know that they have what it takes to create the life they want. As a self-made millionaire, Lou is the perfect person to help us open up our energy contract with money so we can make more and create more! 

In this episode, Lou shares four practical ways that you can start opening up and being more comfortable with your relationship with your money. I love Lou’s approach which is a beautiful blend of energy and practicality, and can’t wait for you to hear this conversation! Make sure to send me a DM @iamavajohanna and let me know the practical things that you took away from this episode that you can start to implement now.

What we talk about:

  • How Lou helps people metaphorically “take your bra off” when it comes to money
  • How Lou began to blend the spiritual and energetic with the practical parts of money
  • What a “money medium” is
  • The starting point for people to be more open and intimate with money
  • How to create new habits around money
  • How to get rid of credit card debt
  • Money is the #1 stressor in relationships
  • Strategies to save on taxes
  • How to make numbers neutral
  • How to embody what you want and where you want to go

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