Episode 257

Published on:

27th Jun 2023

257 | Samantha Daily’s Lessons From A Six Figure Month

Do you want to create a business that supports your life and is uniquely, authentically and genuinely you? Samantha Daily has been in my podcast queue for years, and I’m so grateful to have her on the show! She is a Spiritual Business & Mindset Coach, certified Past Life Regression Practitioner & top podcast host of Make Shift Happen from New York. Her journey into the world of self-development began after she graduated college and decided to take the untraditional path by turning down her corporate job offers and moving to Europe. She packed her life into two suitcases and left everything behind to explore the world, expand her mind and find her purpose. Now, as a professional coach she helps women all over the world rewire their subconscious minds, build successful businesses, attract love & money, and manifest their dreams by empowering them with elite mindset tools and powerful daily rituals.

Samantha shares the lessons that she learned after having a six-figure month and how she was really able to take time to integrate how she wants her business to look and feel without getting caught up in the rat race. Whether it's a six-figure month that you're reaching for, or your first sale, this conversation is going to hit so hard. And even if you're not an entrepreneur, it will inspire you to consider: Where have I made myself reach for the next thing without actually celebrating the thing that I have now? How can I be more present? I know you’re going to get a lot from this conversation, and I'm so excited for you to hear it!

I think a big thing for me in business is understanding my pace and knowing that just because other people are going faster doesn't mean that I want to be on their ride. That's been huge. Coming back to being able to let go of things and strip things away that aren't serving you. - Samantha Daily 

What we talk about:

  • Holding space for grief & showing up as you are
  • The gift Penny gave and lesson she taught me
  • Stripping things away to bring in the next level of growth 
  • Knowing when to stay in your lane and focus on yourself
  • Taking a conscious break from Instagram
  • Hitting a 6-figure month in coaching
  • Understanding your creative pace
  • Desiring versus needing support from a mentor
  • The story behind Samantha’s multidimensional programs
  • The benefits of connecting in person at retreats
  • Unleashing your inner child
  • A return to the masculine energy
  • Discerning what’s right for you in business

Now, self-trust is my main business strategy. It always has been. For me, there's just no other way. It doesn't make sense without it. - Samantha Daily 


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