Episode 258

Published on:

4th Jul 2023

258 | The Key to Happiness & Business Success with My Mentor Stephanie Hughson

Life is more than business. Sometimes as business owners we can get so caught up in the building of the business; the strategy, the processes, the goals and the next milestones, and can get distracted from what’s really important. So today I am honored to bring my mentor, Stephanie Hughson, on the show! Steph has always held a standard for me in our work together of prioritizing not just the business growth, but the personal growth, and this conversation is a true reflection of that.

Steph runs an incredible membership called The Collective, and I know that if you've been listening to the podcast over the last year, I've shared little bits and pieces of our relationship and things that I have really been working with her on in my business, but also in my life overall. I have been wanting to have her on the podcast for a while, so having this conversation is really so special to me. I hope this conversation serves as a reminder to not lose sight of what really matters, and to not give your power away to the process of building your business. 

There's just something about staying consistent even when it is hard. I'm really proud of myself for that, and that's the story I want to tell. - Stephanie Hughson

What we talk about:

  • Knowing when a mentor is in alignment with your goals
  • Letting yourself be in process versus self-judgment and doubt
  • Living your own version of success & happiness
  • Leading with courage in your coaching business
  • Having a healthy detachment to money
  • Strengthening discernment
  • Grounding in yourself versus getting caught up in comparison 
  • Making space for daily reflection

My goal is to help people create insane amounts of wealth, but do the happiness and the heart work at the same time. You're just going to have money and be unhappy unless you're able to separate it. - Stephanie Hughson

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