Episode 260

Published on:

18th Jul 2023

260 | How I Built A 7-Figure Coaching Business Primarily Through Group Programs

In this episode I’m sharing more of my journey of shifting from one-on-one to group experiences and the things that I've learned along the way. In this process of shifting my business model I was able to create a lot of momentum that has stuck with me as I have created more group experiences, gotten a lot of my time back, and been able to scale my income. This conversation is going to be super supportive for anybody that is earlier on in business or for those of you that are ready to move away from one-to-one, make more money and get more of your time back. If you want more freedom, which is why you probably started your business to begin with, this episode is for you.

I take you on the journey from launching my podcast to deciding I wanted to start a coaching business, realizing the one-to-one model wasn’t working for me and the fears I had to overcome when I launched my first group programs. Plus, I share my top three tips for launching a group program, and the most amazing takeaways I’ve learned from running group experiences.

So if you're thinking about it, definitely don't hold back, create a group experience, go all in until the very end, know that everything that you're doing is compounding on itself and trust that if group experiences are on your heart, that it truly is meant to be.

If this resonates with you and you want to dive deeper into the group program creation process, I invite you to join my Group Magic Mini Mastermind starting in August.

“We don't always fully believe in ourselves in order to take the big action.” - Ava Johanna

What I talk about:

  • My intention when I started my podcast in 2018
  • What my life was like when I first launched my coaching business
  • My fears shifting into the group program model from one-to-one
  • How I moved through fear with action & created new beliefs
  • Shifting your mindset away from instant gratification and validation
  • Why my groups started taking off
  • 3 tips for starting group coaching programs

“So many of the fears that I thought I would just set aside, whether they ended up being “real” or not, moving through the action removed the fear.” - Ava Johanna

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