Episode 261

Published on:

25th Jul 2023

261 | Change Your Financial Frequency & Attract Abundance with Marley Rose Harris

Marley Rose Harris is here to dive into the transformative power of healing your subconscious mind to attract alignment and abundance in your life and business. Marley Rose Harris is a true powerhouse in the world of business and money coaching. Marley's mission is to inspire individuals to step into their highest selves, align with their passions, and create a life of easeful abundance. Through a potent combination of mindset shifts and practical strategies, Marley guides us towards a life where our dreams become our reality.

In this episode, Marley takes us on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. We explore Marley's inspiring decision to move to Cape Town after years of traveling abroad and being a digital nomad, redefining and shaping her view of what “home” really means. She shares her personal experiences of turning down her dream job to create her own business, emphasizing the courage required to step into the unknown. Marley also shares her advice for how to scale a business from 6 to 7 figures, harnessing the transformative potential of Rapid Resolution Therapy to shift our financial frequency, and embracing the ongoing journey and benefits of subconscious healing.

This conversation illuminates the profound impact of collaboration, and it always lights me up to connect with fellow coaches and entrepreneurs. I am so grateful to have Marley Rose Harris on the show, sharing her insights and inspiring us to face and overcome obstacles and manifest a life that surpasses our wildest dreams. Join us as we unlock the secrets to abundant living, cultivate the mindset of success, and take the necessary steps towards embracing a life filled with limitless possibilities.

And if you love this conversation, make sure to check out my interview on her podcast, Money, Mindset and Manifestation!

A lot of people think when they finally get the thing, it's gonna be easy, it's gonna flow. If it's not scaring the shit out of you, then it's not gonna expand you. - Marley Rose Harris

What we talk about:

  • How powerful collaboration truly is
  • What inspired her to go to Cape Town after years of traveling abroad
  • Recognizing subconscious patterns & pursuing inner child healing
  • How to attract what you desire
  • Getting comfortable the uncomfortable
  • Leading with courage versus confidence
  • How to take the first step towards your goals and dreams
  • Marley’s journey turning down her dream job & starting her own business
  • Marley’s advice for getting from 6 to 7 figures in your business
  • Using Rapid Resolution Therapy to subconsciously change your financial frequency
  • Accepting healing as a never ending journey 
  • Understanding failure as a part of life and never giving up

If you're desiring something like a home, a relationship, or money, and you're not seeing it come in, the only reason is because there is a vibrational or a subconscious disconnect. The way to match with what you're desiring is to go into the subconscious and heal any beliefs, any identities that are disconnected from what you're desiring. And on the other side of that is literally attracting anything you desire. - Marley Rose Harris

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