Episode 262

Published on:

1st Aug 2023

262 | The Origin of Beliefs: How to Manifest Like A Boss

At the foundation, at the core of manifestation, is our beliefs, because our beliefs are so influential on what we even ask for and what we think we're worthy of. Our beliefs influence our thoughts, our actions. I want us to explore today the origination of beliefs, and how we are able to shift and transform the beliefs that we have, and therefore create lives beyond our wildest dreams, businesses beyond our wildest dreams, ask for things, claim things in our life, call things in our life that maybe we never would have even asked for or dreamed of.

I have the intention that this episode will be a really inspiring episode, a very motivating episode for you, and a pathway for us to just expand the perspective of what beliefs actually are, how we can change them, and why they came to be so we can hold ourselves with compassion and grace. When we look at manifestation through this different lens, we take our power back and manifest like a motherfucking boss.

With intentionality and consistency, we have the ability to change our beliefs from the root; the emotions and the feelings. - Ava Johanna

What I talk about:

  • Where beliefs come from
  • End goals versus means goals
  • Changing our beliefs through feeling
  • How breathwork allows us to manifest naturally

Feel it, don't just think it, and watch your beliefs, your thoughts, your actions change before your eyes. - Ava Johanna

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